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The Amazing Spider-Man

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With two and a half months until its July 3 premiere, The Amazing Spider-Man continues to weave its narrative web for fanboys (and girls, of course). A new, darker Japanese trailer offers a more in-depth look into the backstory of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and emphasizes the complex dynamic between Peter and Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a. The Lizard (Rhys Ifans). Check it out below.

Hints of the familiar great-power-great-responsibility theme — and, indeed, how a heroes versus villains approach this conundrum — have started to creep in as Connors asks Peter, “Ready to play God?” Then there’s the cringe-inducing shot of the physical toll of Spider-Man’s crusade (ouch, gaping chest wound!) and our first glimpses of Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Peter’s beloved uncle Ben and aunt May.

Overall, this trailer certainly takes a more foreboding tone with its opening line: “We all have secrets — the ones we keep and the ones that are kept from us.” The editors’ decision to push Connors’ “Come and get it” taunt to the end of the promo, then follow it with a climactic shot of Spidey’s hurling himself at The Lizard makes the message is clear, “It is on.”

Just 78 days, Spidey fans! What did you take away from this new trailer?

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