Marc Snetiker
April 16, 2012 AT 10:15 PM EDT

Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr penned a short editorial for The Daily Beast this morning in which the erstwhile sitcom star took issue with pundit Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney having “never worked a day in her life,” though perhaps not the way you thought she might.

Barr disclaimed that she didn’t want to fall into the “working mom versus stay-at-home mom” dialogue, but her disdain for Rosen’s unfortunate words was clear: Barr was less upset about what the statement conveyed about motherhood than she was dismayed that the comments were giving Mitt Romney fodder for winning sympathy among American women. In other words, Rosen’s Romney attack is presumably making Mitt and Ann look much more appealing than Barr believes they should be.

“It’s a shame that Rosen lobbed the Romney campaign a fat political softball they could smack over the gender fence,” wrote Barr. “After the Republicans had alienated at least half the voting public by all but condemning birth control, suddenly Rosen’s remark enabled them to self-righteously assume the role of defenders of American motherhood.”

Barr goes on to criticize Ann Romney for her press statements that she raised five children with no help, except for a cleaning lady who would come in once or twice a week to do housework. “Of course neither Mrs. Mitt Romney nor her son knew the name of the ‘cleaning lady,’ either,” she wrote. “I say let’s find that ‘cleaning lady’ (if she is documented) and ask HER how many hours she worked per week over the years.”

Political PopWatchers, do you find yourself agreeing with Barr, or shaking your head in disapproval? And off that note, what other sitcom stars would you like to see weigh in on sociopolitical issues?

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