Hillary Busis
April 17, 2012 AT 02:57 PM EDT

Ladies and gentlemen, curious boys and squealing girls, welcome to Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s main event. In this corner, sporting 18.5 pounds of brand-new muscle, we have the High School Hottie with a smokin’ body, the Unstoppable Condom-Dropper, the Thrilla in Vanilla — Zaaaaaac Efron!

And in this corner, weighing in at less than he used to weigh, we have the Emmys Host with the Most, Ben Affleck’s Bed-Warmer, the Man Show bro who scored the Big O — Jimmyyyy Kimmel!

Which of these skilled bra-unhookers can remove four ladies’ undergarments from a portly fellow named Guillermo in just 23 heart-pounding seconds? The answer lies in the video below — but unless you’re yearning to see a clip and some chatter about The Lucky One, you might want to skip to around 2:32. May the man with quickest fingers and least shame win!

Is that the outcome you were expecting, PopWatchers?

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