Breia Brissey
April 18, 2012 AT 04:15 AM EDT

Thanks to Travis and his desire to make a name for himself on campus, last night’s Cougar Town featured an actual cougar! Okay, so it was a cougar statue that Travis intended to steal. But still. I think it counts. Trav enlisted the help of Bobby and Chick — the real masterminds — to commit the crime, but Sig and Kevin were also accomplices. And although I’m pretty sure the felony won’t actually skyrocket Travis to big man on campus status, I am rather pleased with the cougar crossover. “Why does this school even have a cougar? Nothing here has anything to do with cougars.” Well played, Cougar Town writers, well played.

Ellie spent the episode trying to convince the cul-de-sac crew that her mom, Betsy (guest star Susan Blakely), was really as heinous as Ellie said she was: “I know my mom seems nice, but she’s like that cartoon frog that sings and dances when no one’s looking, only instead of singing and dancing, she tells me I have lesbian legs.” Betsy was, in fact, pretty awful. Even with a fake gun to her head Betsy couldn’t manage to say anything nice about Ellie. So that’s when Ellie’s soul mate and moral compass Andy Jules told her that it was okay to cut her out of her life. Sometimes family just sucks.

And that’s why we have good friends in place. Laurie was pulling some serious hooker hours working on her late-night baking. (A great example of art mimicking life, since Busy Philipps is quite the talented baker.) Laurie’s lifelong dream is to open up her own cake shop. So to help her realize that goal, Grayson bought a new oven and added her cakes to his menu at the bar. Unfortunately she wasn’t interested. Laurie was afraid that if she tried and failed, she’d lose her dream. But Grayson gave her a motivational speech, and now those two are gonna sell some cakes. What what!

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