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Hillary Busis
April 18, 2012 AT 01:52 PM EDT

Pip-pip and tally-ho, athletically-inclined anglophiles! It’s time to start crossing off boxes in your Downton Abbey pin-up calendar: As of today, there are just 100 days until the July 27 opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. England’s Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are celebrating the occasion in a particularly British way — by unveiling a set of perfectly manicured Olympic rings made out of 20,000 plants and flowers.

Each one is 15.5 meters in circumference, or nearly 60 feet in real units of measurement. That means there’s plenty of room inside to fit a few Torchbearers, Games Maker volunteers, or, in the case of the green ring, what appears to be a fairy princess. They’re also big enough to be visible from the Heathrow flight path.

Are you starting to get pumped for the upcoming games, PopWatchers? Do you think London’s Olympics will be as exciting as the 2008 games in Beijing? And how badly do you want to have a picnic inside one of those rings?

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