Hillary Busis
April 20, 2012 AT 08:20 PM EDT

Dude. It’s 4:20pm… on 4/20. Are you as hungry as I am?

After getting all your afternoon snacks in order, consider celebrating this auspicious day with one (or more) of these, er, green-friendly streaming picks. Each one can be viewed from the comfort of your own couch — though you might want to pull out a fan before you start watching. Otherwise, certain hazy elements might make it tough to see your computer screen.


As of today, this 144-minute documentary about the reggae legend is officially available On Demand, on iTunes, and streaming on Facebook. When we asked a rep from Ziggy Marley’s production company why the producers chose this particular release date, she noted that it’s Bob’s son Stephen’s birthday, and that April 20th also “happens to fall on Friday, which is usually when movies come out.” Suuuure, that’s why.

Dazed & Confused

Our #1 favorite stoner movie is available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. And it’s not alone — half-baked classics like Clerks, Reefer Madness, Super Troopers, and The Big Lebowski can also be placed in your Instant Queue. (Half Baked itself, unfortunately, can’t be.)

The Up in Smoke Tour

Ice Cube. Eminem. Snoop Dogg. Dr. Dre. They’re all under the same roof in the filmed version of this storied 2001 hip hop tour — and you can watch them spit from the best seat in the house.

How the Universe Works

BBC’s lush, gorgeous Planet Earth isn’t on Netflix. But this Discovery Channel series is — and watching the mysteries of the cosmos unfold is just as memorizing as seeing the wonders of the Blue Planet.

Rocko’s Modern Life

Watch this Nicktoon as a grown-up, and you’ll start to notice some decidedly adult themes. Its subversive tone, absurd jokes, and bright colors make it a natural match for 4/20.

How I Met Your Mother, “How I Met Everyone Else”

The HIMYM gang has a unique euphemism for visiting with Mary Jane: “eating a sandwich.” See the crew engage in some serious sandwich-eating in this classic episode from Season 3.

What streaming entertainments are you planning to view today, PopWatchers? Sound off, and be creative — after all, 4/20 comes but once a year!

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