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April 20, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It’s late April, friends, and things are getting good, particularly on the shows featured in today’s Spoiler Room. But if you see a show you love that’s not represented, send an e-mail with your request to

I’ll sit here and wait for them to come in. (*Refresh*) In the meantime, can we quickly address this week’s main photo and how Nina Sharp and Bobby look oddly good next to each other. Crossover (in my crazy-a– dreams)!

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I love when shows don’t wait for the finale to throw you an emotionally weighty episode. And after watching the next new episode of Hart of Dixie, I can promise you it is exactly that.

I’ll have a full convo with Scott Porter about the episode on Monday, but I can tell you that we definitely see a whole different side of George in this episode, which starts up after the dramatic turn of events that resulted in George and Lemon’s falling out. We find George in denial about the pain in his life, and it sends him on a rebellious path. He’s riding motorcycles, ditching commitments, and…going to New Orleans! “It’s literally George going, ‘I’ve been focusing on everyone else. I’m going to focus on what I want.’ And when you see what George Tucker really wants out of his life, you’re going to be very surprised,” says Porter.

Among George’s wants? The company of Zoe Hart, of course! Despite having some harsh words in the last episode, the adorable doc heads to the Big Easy to accompany her hurting pal, and the result is an unforgettable evening. “I’ve said since the beginning that when he talks to Zoe she’s a window into a parallel universe where his life is much different,” he says. “It’s so easy with her to see himself in a different life and with a different path in life and he loves that about her, I think…so it’s interesting that she’s the first person he’s right with before going off on his journey.”

So whether you’re a fan of their friendship or in favor of a little more between the two, there’s plenty of great moments in this episode. And one moment in particular that will make jaws drop. But you’re not getting any more out of me…for now! Come back Monday for more inside dish!


Like most shows, Supernatural is coming toward the end of its season, but before it did, it gave viewers a huge treat with the ghostly return of Bobby (Jim Beaver), who kicked the bucket back in December. And now that he’s back, Bobby has a lot to deal with. (More on that in my full convo with Beaver, posting later today.) But in the larger scheme, there is one thing Bobby will definitely play a key part in: bringing down the Leviathan. “I don’t think there’s a lot of diversion from trying to solve the leviathan issue,” Beaver says of the last stretch of mythology-heavy episodes. “And of course Bobby’s ghost has a lot of interest in that particular resolution. He’s pretty intricately involved in it.”

But he has to tread lightly, says Beaver. In the past, viewers have been made privy to the rules about being a ghost — particularly, how you turn into an angry ghost. It’s those hostile spirits that usually cause the problems solved by the Winchesters, and Bobby will have to be mindful of learning the possible dangers of his new condition, says Beaver. “He knows as well as anybody about that, but Bobby is determined to be the one ghost who is not trapped by that. But it’s not an easy fight,” he says.

In all, the finale will deliver payoff, says Beaver. But it might not all unfold the way fans expect. “I know nothing ever turns out exactly how I think it’s going to turn out when I’m guessing what’s next. When I’m guessing what’s going to be in the next script I’m always surprised,” he says. “I imagine the audience will be too.”

Supernatural airs a new episode tonight.


I fully intend to protect the integrity of this first-rate mind-bending episode of Fringe that you’re going to see tonight. Episode 19 is always a highlight of the season, so I want to keep it as pure as possible. That said, if there’s any episode to have a little fun with, it’s this one. So let’s play the Spoiler Room version a game I call Mad (for Fringe) Libs.

1. In this episode, it’s the year 2036, and the world is under the control of the Observers. But when we meet guest star Georgina Haig, we learn she can [spoiler – verb], which is going to immediately raise some eyebrows.

2. In the future, [spoiler – noun] is now in pill form. Killjoy!

3. [Regular cast member] does not appear in the episode.

4. Actual exchange: “What is that? Monkey feces?” “No, that’s your [spoiler].”

5. Guest star [spoiler] makes a large sacrifice in order to [spoiler] [can’t] [elaborate].

Have some fun with those!

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