Adam B. Vary
April 23, 2012 AT 09:47 PM EDT

Already open overseas a month before its May 18 debut Stateside, Battleship‘s brought in serious bank — $129 million in just under two weeks, according to Box Office Mojo. But for U.S. audiences, one of the intriguing questions lingering about Universal’s aliens-at-sea action spectacular is how Robyn Fenty — a.k.a. multi-platinum selling music superstar Rihanna — will fare in her big-screen acting debut as a Navy gunner. One thing we do know from this Battleship featurette (embedded below): She’s certainly got the “Navy” and “gunner” part down.

“The training, the drilling, really just ripped me apart, and broke me down,” says Rihanna. “Really got me out of the mentality of being a celebrity, or ‘Rihanna.'”

Check it out below: 

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