Marc Snetiker
April 24, 2012 AT 04:34 PM EDT

I’m gonna be honest here: I still have no idea what Pixar’s Brave is about. With every new clip comes yet another vague clue about changing your fate or taking chances or shooting arrows or teasing your hair out to look like a ginger Chaka Khan. So what is Pixar’s latest animated venture actually about?

The newest trailer doesn’t do much to elaborate on this issue, delivering another dose of impressive Highland visuals but failing to answer all the new questions it brings up. “This means war!” someone yells. Yes, but with whom? The bears that Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) seemingly befriends? The dressmaker behind her snug-fitting full body Scot-wrap? That little blue will-o-the-wisp thing that ostensibly holds the key to this movie’s plot? It’s ambiguous madness! Watch below:

Granted, it’s probably better to keep storylines under wraps rather than give everything away in the trailer (you totally knew that the house was going to float up in Up). But I’m still unsure exactly what happens to Merida, and frankly, I’m not particularly interested to find out what.

Will you be catching Brave in theaters on June 22?

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