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April 25, 2012 AT 02:17 PM EDT


Dumb teenagers will do anything to get a quick buzz. (Or, alternately: The media will seize on any story about dumb teenagers doing weird stuff to get high, regardless of how true that story actually is.) “Butt chugging” and “vodka eyeballing” have now, supposedly, given way to something that might be even more disgusting — drinking hand sanitizer. The anti-bacterial stuff contains extremely high levels of ethyl alcohol; downing it is similar to knocking back a shot of hard liquor, according to soap authorities.

Hey, you know what else is similar to a shot of hard liquor? “A shot of hard liquor,” Jimmy Kimmel joked last night after bringing up this unhygienic trend. He went on to urge teens to get back to basics when they feel the urge to get crunk: “Steal a shot of Jack Daniels from your parents’ liquor cabinet, and refill it with iced tea like normal American kids! Get a homeless guy to buy it for you, like our forefathers did!”

But peer pressure can be a powerful force. When cool guy John Cusack arrived later in the show to chat, he opened his interview by suggesting that the two of them take a shot of the Purell sitting on the host’s desk. Though Kimmel was a little flummoxed, he decided to go along. “I should point out that this is not a planned thing, so we didn’t think to put some fake Purell in there,” he said as he grabbed the innocent-looking bottle. And then he and the Say Anything star squeezed the sanitizer straight into their mouths.

What happened next? Find out yourself:

The takeaway, according to Kimmel: “I feel cleaner inside. And I also feel like I’m gonna die.”

So please, PopWatchers, don’t take a sip of the soap you keep in a drawer by your desk — even if a movie star tries to goad you into it.

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