Marc Snetiker
April 25, 2012 AT 05:20 PM EDT

“I’d like to, like, thank the academy, dude.” It may not be Oscar, but the Golden Popcorn is undergoing quite the makeover when the MTV Movie Awards airs a refurbished version of its annual awards show in Los Angeles in June.

Among the changes announced today are five new categories — including Best Music, Best On-Screen Transformation and the soon-to-be-classic Best On-Screen Dirt Bag — as well as a new system of nominations based on an anonymous panel of actors, producers, industry folks and “members of the MTV audience,” says a press release. The network hopes that the new Academy, as it’s dubbing it, will add some credibility to the show and allow for a broader array of nominees that don’t necessarily represent the biggest summer blockbusters (as has been the raison d’être for the entire tween celebration in the past). Reflecting the greater selection of talent, a panel of directors will also crown the winner of a new Breakthrough Performance award.

Will that mean we’re going to see less Twilight and Harry Potter and more Winter’s Bone and Monsieur Lazhar? Probably not, but the new voting committee — which will be kept anonymous — should shake up the nominees just enough to reinvigorate the program and add some depth to the choices fans will face when voting opens to the public on May 1. Yes, you’ll still have the autonomy to pick between vampires and tributes, but MTV hopes that peppering in a little Meryl will make your choice a little more difficult.

Let’s be real: The new voting system, as well-intended and smart as it sounds, won’t help matters if the voting is still left up to the public. For every casual voter that may choose to honor Jean Dujardin, there are at least nine others who will see “Bella Swan” and launch into cosmic giddiness resulting in another unsurprising win for the Twilight Saga. And when Twilight ends, the Hunger Games franchise will take over, and so on and so forth until MTV realizes that the road to credibility is not paved with public opinion.

Kudos to MTV for the intriguing new choice — it will certainly extend the buzz and make for an altogether more dynamic telecast – but as long as blockbusters rule the box office and social networks, there’s no way to get around the diehard fans who will ensure that their Peeta takes the cake. On the flip side, if you boil it down to whether or not this will make the show more watchable come June, it’s certainly an admirable way to try.

PopWatchers, what are your thoughts on the proposed changes? Does this have any bearing on whether you’ll tune in to the show on June 3?

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