Keith Staskiewicz
April 27, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Orson Welles
Hearing Welles’ stentorian voice describe frozen peas in a 1980s commercial is amusing enough. But listening to him get increasingly angry about the awful ad copy is even better.

Casey Kasem
When the radio host was told during a 1985 broadcast to transition from an uptempo pop song into a dedication to a dead dog, he mellifluously told his producers where they could shove it.

Alec Baldwin
The actor called his daughter, Ireland, a ”thoughtless little pig” in a leaked voicemail in 2007, and we all started looking at Jack Donaghy a little differently.

Charlie Sheen
While his angry, racist messages to ex-wife Denise Richards — released in 2008 — may be tame compared with later antics, it’s still a heavy dose of crazy and nasty.

Patti LuPone
During a January 2009 performance of Gypsy, the stage legend pulled a showstopper: She halted ”Rose’s Turn” to berate an audience member for taking pictures.

Christian Bale
Bale’s profanity-laden dressing-down of the director of photography on the set of Terminator Salvation hit the Web only months before the movie was released in 2009.

Chevy Chase
He didn’t say, ”I’m Chevy Chase and you’re not,” but that was the theme of his message to Community showrunner Dan Harmon, which leaked in early April.

Mel Gibson
He again proved that the real lethal weapon is his mouth, on a new recording that comes less than two years after threatening voicemails to his ex-girlfriend went public.

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