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John Mayer's new 'Shadow Days' video is as American as apple pie: Watch it here

John Mayer Video

John Mayer is America, and so can you!

In the new video for his single “Shadow Days,”  hippie-cowboy heartbreaker Mayer drifts through his own private Idaho, Arizona, and other dusty locales.

As our wandering hero travels across this great land of ours in his mostly reliable Jeep Wrangler (he does have to stop to buy antifreeze at around the 2:18 mark), he makes sure to visit key scenic landscapes in order to play guitar as approving eagles soar above him.

Okay, fine, we’re kidding about the eagles part, but only barely. Check out the American prince in action in the video below:

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Originally posted April 27 2012 — 12:19 PM EDT

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