EW Staff
April 27, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”I’m gonna go with The Professional. Luc Besson is a genius certainly, and Gary Oldman’s performance is the model of how a villain should be played.”— Jason Segel, at the premiere of his comedy The Five-Year Engagement on April 18

Director Morgan Spurlock, at the premiere of his documentary Mansome on April 21: ”For me, I love The Pope of Greenwich Village. It was everything that I imagined New York to be.”

Will Arnett, who appears in Mansome, agreed: ”The Pope of Greenwich Village. It’s such an amazing movie, and there’s so many fantastic moments in it.”

Michelle Williams, at the premiere of her drama Take This Waltz on April 22: ”Hannah and Her Sisters. It’s just perfection. To see SoHo before it became developed into a shopping mall and to see these big, wide, empty streets — it’s really romantic.”

”Broadway Danny Rose is great because it’s not just the glamour and the Upper West Side. It’s kind of the people that are the real heartbeat of New York.” — Sarah Silverman, who costars with Williams in Take This Waltz

Alison Brie, who costars in The Five-Year Engagement and joined Segel and Blunt at the premiere: ”Hannah and Her Sisters. I just love everything about it. It’s my favorite Woody Allen film.”

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