Marc Snetiker
May 01, 2012 AT 07:10 PM EDT

As we continue to count down to the release of The Avengers on Friday (and as our Avengers Files series nears its end), there’s something we need to address before the alien-smashing superhero espionage madness begins. It’s the perennial quandary, but frankly, we need to know: which Avenger is the best?

Sure, there are arguments to be made for each costumed crusader, but we here at EW–where this question could never be definitively answered without incurring the wrath of some of our most opinionated on-staff geeks–would love to know your pick for the all-around mightiest Avenger. Is it Iron Man, whose shining armor matches his shining wit? Thor, whose hammer is cool enough to have its own formal name? Or silent but deadly Hawkeye, who does his finest work with a crossbow?

Make your pick in the poll below, and check out the results in an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly:

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