Adam B. Vary
May 03, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Joan Marcus

Because Joss Whedon hasn’t had enough to do between writing and directing The Avengers, co-writing and producing The Cabin in the Woods, adapting and directing Much Ado About Nothing, exec-producing the comic book expansion of the Buffyverse, and doing press for every one of these projects, he’s taken up another occupation: bathroom coach. Don’t believe me? Check out this (oh so slightly NSFW) video from web comedy sketch geniuses gritty documentarians Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher: 

Whedon sang the praises of McElhaney and Kocher (a.k.a. BriTANicK) just about a year ago on the eve of shooting The Avengers, and then cast them in his super-secret production of Much Ado About Nothing. So that meant Kocher got to put Whedon’s head inside his sweater. Yeah, that makes sense.

For fun, here’s the BriTANicK video Whedon says has a “very special place in my heart.” Warning: This one is a bit more NSFW than the last one.

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