Hillary Busis
May 04, 2012 AT 02:20 PM EDT


Conservative hawk Stephen Colbert — that is, “Stephen Colbert,” the character Colbert plays on his Comedy Central show — is concerned about Lena Dunham. When the young multi-hyphenate visited The Colbert Report last night, its host told her that the ladies on Dunham’s HBO comedy, Girls, worry him because “they just don’t seem to know, necessarily, what to do with their life.” And even when Dunham assured Colbert that that’s sort of her show’s point — exploring the time when a young person is not a girl, not yet a woman — Colbert’s anxiety didn’t subside: “You know what? I’m worried about Britney Spears too,” he said.

There’s a simple reason for Colbert’s disquiet: as Dunham revealed, his Girls counterpart would be Shoshanna, the “Juicy sweatsuit wearin’, self-help lovin'” college student who worships at the altar of Sex and the City but is still a virgin herself. (For those who haven’t seen Girls yet: Shoshanna’s a younger, more cartoonish Charlotte York.) And Colbert took the label and ran with it, asking if Dunham does “the sex” in real life, then urging her to “get married before you do the sex.” Dunham took it all in stride, proving that she can hold her own even when appearing opposite one of comedy’s biggest heavy hitters. No wonder Louis C.K. admires her.

Check out Colbert and Dunham’s conversation below — at four minutes and 35 seconds, it’s short but sweet.

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