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Ted Nugent is extremely irritated you don't think he's moderate -- VIDEO

Mouthy rocker Ted Nugent went off on CBS This Morning correspondent Jeff Glor for daring to say his rather un-moderate opinions might present problems for Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes. (Nugent endorsed Romney in March). So how does talk of charity work turn into an expletive-laden rant? That’s just how The Nuge rolls. He’s so moderate he’s extreme – “extremely loving, passionate… [and] a damn nice guy.”

Below, see Nugent talk about the Romney campaign’s response to his “accelerated” activism and describe his “adorable” meet-up with the Secret Service after “brain-dead” liberals questioned comments he made about President Barack Obama. Scroll to the 4:50 mark if you just want to see Nuge lose it.

The lesson is simple: This is Nugent's world, and we're just living in it. From "Nothing makes me happier than me" to "I'm a perfect human being," it's clear no amount of media tut-tuts, gig cancellations, or Secret Service investigations will change his swagger. He will keep charging on, semi-automatic weapon in hand, because he’s The Nuge.

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