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TV finales preview

Births, deaths, and cliff-hangers galore: Prepare for the end of the TV season with our inside look at all the twists and turns headed your way

How I Met Your Mother


Season Finale: May 14, 8 PM (CBS)


Except for a season 3 visit by Ms. Britney Spears, CBS’ hit How I Met Your Mother has never had a diva on its set. Until today. On this late-March afternoon, the last day of shooting for the show’s seventh-season finale, a certain actor is really stirring things up: The tiny infant playing the newborn to first-time parents Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) is causing everyone within a 50-foot radius to dissolve into mush. The biggest victim of the babe’s charm is the maternal Hannigan (who is pregnant with her second child). ”I’ll give it right back!” the actress coos as she removes the baby’s pacifier before filming her final scene of the year, nestled sweetly in bed with Segel.

That’s right: Baby Eriksen will debut in HIMYM’s hour-long season finale. But, as you might suspect, the birth’s not going to be quite that easy. The big issue? Marshall and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) have to make it from Atlantic City to NYC in time for the baby’s arrival, despite a variety of obstacles — not the least of which is their blood alcohol level. ”Marshall and Barney are in their own little road-trip movie,” says co-creator Craig Thomas, ”with a big chase scene.”

Aside from bringing home baby, the finale will deal with Ted (Josh Radnor) and his revolving door of a romantic life. ”Someone from Ted’s life comes back and produces a pretty serious dilemma for him,” Thomas says. ”The beginning of season 8 will pick up with Ted in a suspenseful situation based on a last-minute choice he makes in this finale.” The other gasp-worthy moment of the finale happens when the show flashes forward yet again to Barney’s wedding, which we glimpsed — sans the bride — in last season’s finale. ”We’re going to find out who the bride is,” Thomas promises. That big reveal — will Barney be marrying stripper girlfriend Quinn (Becki Newton), longtime love Robin (Cobie Smulders), or someone new? — sets the tone for season 8. ”We’re going to show you some huge reveals about Barney’s future wedding day, and then the beginning of season 8 will be, How did we get there?” Finally, it sounds like we’re going to get (some of) the answers we’ve been waiting for. —Tanner Stransky