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May 04, 2012 AT 09:38 PM EDT

Mother’s Day may be next weekend, but there’s no shortage of mama drama in the latest Jukebox. Mom’s got through (and even started) some trouble on shows including Make It Or Break It, Private Practice, Missing, and The Game.

Which isn’t to say the dads didn’t get in on the action, too, creating waves on The Killing, Revenge, and The Client List. The last few weeks also saw a steamy encounter (The Good Wife), a heartfelt tribute (Glee), and an ambush (Person of Interest), plus more music-on-TV moments from The L.A. ComplexGirls, and Mad Men.

Check out our picks below and make sure to click through to the final page to listen to a track-for-track Spotify playlist of this week’s “show tunes.” (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)


The song: You Say Party! We Say Die!, “Heart of Gold”

The episode: “Dream On” (305)

The hook: Olympic hopefuls Kaylie Cruz (Josie Loren) and Kelly Parker (Nicole Gale Anderson) were put to the test on April 23. Tasked with performing qualifying routines for their coaches in which one bobble could crush their dreams, Kelly was especially under the gun — no thanks to her manipulative, overbearing gym mom Sheila (Kathy Najimy). As she approached the mat, it weighed heavily on Kelly’s heart that Sheila seemed more concerned with managing an Olympic gold medalist (be it Kelly or someone else) than being a parent. As Kaylie gave her friend a pep talk and the girls began their routines, the Canadian emo outfit’s uplifting anthem underlined that sometimes a “Heart of Gold” matters more than gold around your neck.

Watch it! It’s Games on at 28:48 on the show’s Hulu.


The song: Tyler Lyle, “I Will Follow Love All the Way Home”

The episode: “True Colors” (520)

The hook: While Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) struggled to care for her adopted baby, her sister-in-law Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) broke down as she had to sign over the organs of her unborn baby, whose brain hadn’t formed in utero. As Addison learned how to take care of one life, Amelia moved through her grieving process by allowing another to flourish where her child couldn’t. The Atlanta folkster’s emotive acoustic song, with its lyrics about life’s ups and downs, expressed both journeys every step of the way.

Watch it! Addison and Amelia do what’s best for their children at 40:05 on Private Practice‘s Hulu.


The song: Feist, “Caught a Long Wind”

The episode: “A Measure of a Man” (107)

The hook: The mistakes Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) made during her CIA service caught up with her on Missing‘s April 26 episode, and Canadian chanteuse Feist’s disquieting tune kicked in at the point when Becca’s present collided with her past. The song plays beneath a flashback sequence as Becca acknowledged to her husband (Sean Bean) that she’d lost herself in the job. Flash forward to Becca’s present as she was tracked by a now-grown boy to whom she once showed mercy — and who is unlikely to do the same for her. The somber tune and the lyrics “Where will we go? Keep ourselves afloat” express Becca’s desolation and despair as the walls closed in around her.

Watch it! Becca fights to stay afloat at 39:25 on Missing‘s Hulu.

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