John Young
May 09, 2012 AT 11:11 PM EDT

Offering the closest thing to nudity that we’ve seen from a Pixar film, this new “Kilt” featurette for Brave has some fun with the proud Scottish tradition of wearing “a small, plaid skirt.” It’s definitely worth a laugh, but for me, the movie’s advertising campaign is starting to raise some concerns. For instance, the MPAA announced yesterday that Brave will be rated PG for “some scary action and rude humor.” So far I feel like Disney’s trailers and ads have emphasized the “rude humor” aspect — likely an attempt to win over boys who may be hesitant about seeing a movie starring a princess, albeit a kick-ass warrior princess.

But are we going to get any marketing materials in the U.S. that mirror Brave‘s incredible Japanese trailer, which presents the movie as a thrilling and slightly spooky Miyazaki-inspired adventure? I’ll see Brave no matter where it ultimately sits on the humor vs. adventure seesaw, but here’s to hoping that the picture has much, much more up its — ahem — kilt than PG-rated gags with old men mooning unsuspecting bystanders.

Check out the video below:

And to answer the clip’s question: I’m wearing one right now. Brave hits theaters on June 22.

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