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Darren Franich
May 09, 2012 AT 07:40 PM EDT

Ever since the new trailer for this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises debuted ahead of The Avengers, most of the theorizing about Christopher Nolan’s perpetually-secretive production has focused on Anne Hathaway (who’s playing some version of Catwoman) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who’s playing some version of…something.) However, there was a time when all anyone could talk about was Marion Cotillard, who was hired to play new character “Miranda Tate.” Cotillard seems like a natural pick to play Talia Al-Ghul, a foreign-accented brunette femme fatale/love interest from the comic books who also happens to be the daughter of Batman Begins‘ main villain. The notion of Talia has been a central focus of internet speculation about Nolan’s Batman movies since the beginning — I had at least one hour-long conversation back in 2008 with a dude who had a fifty-point-theory describing how Rachel Dawes was secretly Talia. However, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cotillard claims once and for all that she isn’t Talia, which is exactly what someone who is playing Talia would want you to think. Twist! Inception! BWWWWAAAAMMMPPP!!!!

In all seriousness, the interview doesn’t focus too much on Cotillard’s work in Rises…possibly because, well, she didn’t do too much work in the movie. Per the Reporter: “The actress started filming Knight in June 2011, working on and off until the fall in locations including Los Angeles, New York and Pittsburgh. She says there were long gaps when she wasn’t needed: ‘It was a very, very small role.'” Exactly what that small role involves is unclear — although the last trailer provided a pretty strong blink-and-you-miss-it hint — but Cotillard does tease that Tate is an “ecologically minded businesswoman” who, in her own words, “is fascinated by Wayne Enterprises. They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She’s a good guy.”

So, into the bucket of playful theories that The Dark Knight Rises is some kind of parable for Recession-era alarmism, we can now add the possibility that Cotillard’s character will be some kind of metaphor for/deconstruction of the clean-energy movement. Unless, of course, Cotillard is…not a good guy. Twist! Inception! BWWWWAAAAMMMPPP!!!!

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