Darren Franich
May 10, 2012 AT 05:48 PM EDT

The original Max Payne games mixed Hong Kong double-gun action, Manhattan noir, and Norse mythology. At the center was the titular renegade cop, voiced by actor James McCaffrey, whose gruff-mopey-suicidal narration turned Max into one of the great depressives of the PS2 Golden Age. (By comparison, Solid Snake was freaking Diddy Kong.) The launch trailer for next week’s Max Payne 3 shows off lots of boom-boom-kapow, but Payne waxes philosophical. “There’s two types of people,” he says. “Those who spend their lives trying to build a future. And those who spend their lives trying to rebuild the past.” Sounds like the guy is having a therapy session with Dr. Tequila. He finally concludes: “Time moves forward. And nothing changes.” Despite the notable lack of giant robot tanks, this looks cool.

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