Mandi Bierly
May 11, 2012 AT 09:06 PM EDT

USA’s Suits returns for its second season on June 14, and whether you already know the joy of viewing the artwork on the walls of Harvey Specter’s office or not, the video below is for you. It begins with a recap of season 1 for the newbies, and shows you how Mike Ross (SAG Award nominee Patrick J. Adams), a man with a photographic memory but no law degree, ended up being hired by Specter — one of New York’s best and best-dressed legal closers played by Gabriel Macht — to work at a firm that only employs Harvard alums. It also reminds you of the big cliffhanger — Mike’s pissed off, former best friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski) showing up unannounced to inform Mike’s boss Jessica (Gina Torres) that he needs to tell her something about Mike that Harvey hasn’t. Then, we all get a sneak peek at scenes from the season 2 premiere. We learn that Jessica will ask Mike to dinner, which obviously makes both Mike and Harvey nervous. Harvey, unable to get a straight answer out of Jessica about her sudden interest in Mike, does something brilliant: He tells his rival Louis (Rick Hoffman) about it — we suspect so Louis will do some snooping. (I didn’t realize how much I’d missed Hoffman’s delivery.)

Harvey assures Mike he won’t be fired on his watch, so we look forward to seeing how these two get out of this, and what exactly “this” is. Did Trevor really tell Jessica that Mike is a fraud? I doubt it, but he told her something. The photo above is Mike’s face after he tells Jessica he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous about joining her for dinner. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to lie,” she says.

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