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'The Campaign' official trailer: The feel-good baby-punching movie of the year

Attention, all ’00s SNL fans: Will Ferrell has found a way to make a movie centered on his legendary George W. Bush impression. (You’re welcome, America.) Well, sort of. Cam Brady, the character Ferrell plays in the upcoming comedy The Campaign, is a southern good ol’ boy who loves Jesus, family values, and whatever group of potential voters he happens to be addressing. (To a group of carnival workers: “Filipino Tilt-a-Whirl operators are this nation’s backbone!”)

Brady is all set to waltz into his fifth congressional term – until he discovers that he’s got competition in the form of Zach Galifianakis’s prissy, strange Marty Higgins. Cue a rivalry that’s sort of like the one in Step Brothers, except with more American flags.

Check out the film’s official trailer below… unless you’re a baby. In that case, you might not want to watch what Ferrell accidentally does to one of your brethren.

The Campaign hits theaters on August 10.

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