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Jeff Labrecque
May 14, 2012 AT 07:56 PM EDT

Ron Burgundy is coming back. We’ve known that ever since Will Ferrell donned the red blazer on Conan O’Brien’s show and confirmed the buffoonish anchorman’s return for a long-awaited sequel. But the voice of San Diego will be back in theaters tomorrow, when a teaser for Anchorman 2 will play before midnight screenings of The Dictator.

On Twitter, Burgundy himself typed, “Dont get Twirter. Anchorman2 teaser w Dictator tom night. Dont know what a teaser is. World is crazy? Having a scotch.”

Previously, director Adam McKay had hinted that something special was in store, tweeting, “See The Dictator (I worked on it and it’s crazy funny). In addition to Campaign trailer with Zach and Will there’s another treat before it.”

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