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Lynette Rice and James Hibberd
May 14, 2012 AT 01:12 PM EDT

Here’s how to interest Glee fans in 10 seconds: Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker have been cast in season four.

That’s right, the Almost Famous and Sex in the City actors are coming to Ohio (or New York … or Los Angeles … there’s a lot of locations potentially in the mix for next season).

Who will they play, what will they do? Well you see… uh… we don’t actually know. The only information Fox is releasing at this time is that Hudson has joined the cast for a six-episode arc, though Chris Colfer told Kelly Ripa this morning on Live! that she would be playing a “mentor of sorts” to Blaine in the new season. Parker, too, will have a multi-episode arc.

Glee moves to a new night this fall on Thursdays following The X Factor. The network teases that the new season will be a show within a show since key characters are graduating from McKinley High.

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