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May 14, 2012 AT 06:01 PM EDT

Castle‘s season finale last week left fans who’d been eager to see dynamic duo Castle and Beckett take their relationship to the next level satisfied and excited to see what’s to come.

Stana Katic couldn’t help but tease to us with the “what’s to come” part, but she did share her mutual excitement for the pair’s big step. She took us behind the scenes of the finale by breaking down Esposito’s decision to back Beckett while searching out her mother’s killer, and talk about her big rooftop fight!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This season finale felt perfect for the journey we’ve been through this season. Did you see it kind of the same way?

STANA KATIC: Yeah, I loved it. I felt like if we waited any longer it would be untrue to the characters. They’ve gone through a lot together, a lot of really great moments and a lot of really scary journeys together. I think waiting any longer would have been unfair and dishonest. So I think [creator Andrew Marlowe] did a really great job bringing those two characters finally to a point of complete honesty with each other.

Did you have a favorite moment? Hint, hint.

[Laughs] It was very special to me to work with the core team on this episode. Everyone was invested in making it special. And everyone brought a level of performance that I think we haven’t seen up to that point. That added to the story. So there were a lot of moments.

I think that Castle confessing his love over a conscious Beckett was really cool. Really sweet scene. And the boys were amazing; both of them: Seamus Dever and John Huertas. Just stunning. Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) brought a level of strength that I thought was imperative to that story. It was quite nice throughout. I can’t quite choose one.

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