Mandi Bierly
May 17, 2012 AT 06:53 PM EDT

Tonight, NBC’s Awake begins its two-part series finale. (It concludes May 24.)

In the clip below, we see Bird (Steve Harris), Michael’s partner in the reality where his son is alive, go visit Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones), to ask her if he has a reason to be concerned about Michael (Jason Isaacs). 

Michael has called in sick for the last of couple of days and hasn’t returned Bird’s calls. Bird then went to his house and found a collection of police reports about Michael’s accident and files on Det. Ed Hawkins (Kevin Weisman) — who is Bird’s new partner in the other reality, where Michael’s wife is alive — in his garage. “If I have something to worry about, I want to know,” Bird tells Dr. Evans. “The fact that you’re here right now, answers your question,” she tells him. “So if you’re considering some kind of intervention, you might want to do it sooner than later.”

Cut to an ominous clip of Michael lurking outside of Hawkins’ home. The episode is called “Two Birds,” which leads us to believe Bird should be worrying about himself. That would seem to be confirmed by the hour’s synopsis, which says Michael will decide to take the law into his own hands and go after Hawkins, “putting himself and Bird in the crosshairs of the conspirators.” Harper is instructed to clean up the mess. And later, when questioned about his partner, Det. Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) “begins to have concerns about his captain’s intentions.” That does not bode well for him either, we imagine.

Confused? In last week’s episode, Michael assumed he was stuck in the reality where his wife was alive so he’d accept that Rex is dead and that he’s the one who killed him by speeding. He got suspended from work after some bizarre behavior fueled by hallucinations of a mysterious man (Weisman), and he told Captain Harper (Laura Innes) that she could keep his badge. But in the final moments, after he placed Hawkins not only as one of the first people on the scene of the accident but also the man driving the car that ran him off the cliff, he returned to the reality where Rex is alive and believed he’d stayed away until he realized there was no accident — someone, this cop, had tried to kill him. Last we saw Michael, he was phoning Dr. Evans, asking see to her because she’s the only person he can trust with his new conspiracy theory.

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