Jeff Labrecque
May 17, 2012 AT 08:56 PM EDT

In Limitless, Bradley Cooper played a struggling writer who stumbles upon the secret to genius. It’s a theme that reappears in The Words, Cooper’s Sundance film about a semi-talented novelist who, in a moment of desperation, cuts some corners to become the celebrity scribe he’s always dreamed of being. “I’m not who I thought I was and I’m terrified that I never will be,” he confesses to his gorgeous wife (Zoe Saldana) before a fateful opportunity presents itself. In this case, it’s not a magic pill that opens the door to fame; rather, he finds an abandoned manuscript and decides to publish it as his own. But with every gift, there is a curse. Watch the trailer below.

The narrator, as I’m sure you could tell, is Jeremy Irons, who plays one of three writers who wrestle with “the words.” (Ben Barnes plays him as a young man.) To say much more would give away the film’s secret, but it’s safe to point out that Dennis Quaid gets short shrift in the trailer. He narrates much of the film, playing a best-selling writer whose own fictions flirt with truth.

The Words, which was co-written and co-directed by Cooper’s childhood pals Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal is expected to premiere in September, possibly at one of the pre-Oscar-season film festivals.

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