Dan Snierson
May 18, 2012 AT 05:07 PM EDT

Another year of graduating students tumbling off stages and clueless dudes suffering direct hits to the head/gut/groin wraps up on Sunday as America’s Funniest Home Videos unspools its season finale. But before ABC’s AFV can take a summer break (it’s not goodbye, really — just a chance to gather more footage of people slipping on a diving board), one of the three $100,000-winning clips from season 22 must claim the grand prize: a Disney Vacation Club membership. Can’t remember which three videos are vying for the crown? We’ve packaged them below for your review/amusement. Watch right now, and then take a moment to vote in our poll for the one that resulted in the reddest marks on your knees — you know, from all of the slapping.

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Which clip did I choose? The novelty of the freaked-out granny wore off rather quickly as the clip meandered on, so that was the first elimination. The hula hooping girl was adorable in her failure to grasp the concept of hula hooping, though it struck me as a little more cute than hilarious. Tough call here, but my vote went to the moany-mouthed girl in the recovery room. I watched this clip with arms folded — how could you ever top “David After Dentist“? — but this disoriented girl’s sobbings, overapologies, and explanation of why her tongue is important at least makes her a candidate for a Woozy Child Who Just Had Oral Surgery And Is Now Saying Crazy Things Medal of Comedic Excellence. Plus, “God’s in my mouth?” is something for all of us to think about.

As a double bonus, we have included exclusive previews of the segment “VS.,” in which Allergic Lips square off against Things Going Boom, and “31 Sore Butts in 38 Seconds,” which meets the definition of badass.

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