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May 21, 2012 AT 11:38 PM EDT

Kevin Smith may be retiring from making movies, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the world of movie making any time soon. Further expanding his online empire beyond his popular podcasts (excuse me, Smodcasts), Smith and Hulu are teaming up for Spoilers, a cinema-appreciation show where the Clerks director tells EW he and his guests “won’t review movies, but revere them.” Check out this exclusive preview video Smith made for EW below: 

The 10-episode first season will launch June 4 with a discussion of Snow White and the Huntsman. Smith says he aims for the show to spend its first half discussing that weekend’s movie Donahue-style with his studio audience, who will have all seen the film together on opening night. (They’ll shoot at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles.)

Smith hopes that level of immediacy will encourage the kinds of heated, lively discussions movie mavens have with their friends as they’re exiting the theater. He calls the show “a hug-fest for movies,” but he also understands that sometimes an instant reaction isn’t always a positive one. “It’s not like, And our judgment on the movie is…,” he says. “But if you’re talking movies, of course you’ll talk about stuff you don’t like. I mean, I love The Avengers, but I’ll talk for 20 minutes about Dopey the Loki Pokey Stick. You can still do it with affection, without being like, ‘I judge this as an unworthy self-expression of art!’ That’s horses—.”

The second half of the show will include a mix of different segments, including a look into Hulu’s archive of Criterion Collection films, arguments with movie contrarians, and in-depth guest interviews. (Smith’s wish list for guests ranges from Joss Whedon and Stan Lee to Internet stars like Marc Maron and Wil Wheaton.) He’s especially jazzed by the seat-of-your-pants style of the show, which he credits to the freedom Hulu’s granted him to try out “dopey ideas” to see what sticks.

And while Smith gleefully denigrates the “thumbs up, thumbs down” style of TV movie criticism, he still cites Siskel & Ebert as one of the main inspirations for Spoilers. “Siskel and Ebert, man, defined my childhood,” he says. “I wouldn’t sit there and be, like, thumb up, thumb down — I didn’t care about that. They were just talking about movies in general. Nobody was talking about movies on TV. I used to dream, what a great job that would be, to be the fat guy on TV talking about movies. And now I can be the fat guy on TV talking about movies. It’s like a weird dream come true.”

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