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Even more 'SNL': Let's rank Kristen Wiig's best (and worst!) recurring characters

Lorne Michaels once named Kristen Wiig among the best performers in Saturday Night Live history – and Wiig’s stable of quirky original characters certainly dominated the show for the last few years. From her first SNL episode as a featured player in 2005 to her last show this past Saturday, she played about 18 characters who appeared in three or more sketches – no small feat, especially considering Wiig’s equally huge roster of impressions. But which of these made-up ladies should join beloved creations like Wayne Campbell, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, and Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery (who might as well be fictional) in the SNL Recurring Characters Hall of Fame…and which deserve to be lambasted alongside the likes of Rob Schneider’s “Makin’ copiiiiieeees!” guy? Re-familiarize yourself with Wiig’s 11 most memorable characters by reading the list below, then vote for your favorite and least favorite in the polls at the end of this post. We’ll then use the results to rank Wiig’s creations from worst to first in a photo gallery. Gilly’s fate is in your hands, people.

Target Lady
Debuted 12/3/05; 9 total appearances
This enthusiastic, chatty cashier helped Wiig break out as a scene stealer. No wonder Daniel Radcliffe’s stock boy fell for her during her last appearance.


One of the Two A-Holes
Debuted 12/17/05; 8 total appearances
Alongside fellow a-hole Jason Sudeikis, Wiig noisily snapped her gum, stared blankly, and irritated everyone she met. But, you know, in a funny way.


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