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'The Woman in Black': Daniel Radcliffe on his post-Potter gothic horror hit -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Daniel Radcliffe has grown up before our very eyes. When we first met him as Harry Potter, he was only 11 years old. More than a decade later, he bravely launched the post-Potter phase of his movie career in February’s The Woman in Black, a stylish gothic horror film in which he plays a widowed lawyer – and a young father – who encounters a terrifying supernatural secret in a small English town. The hit movie proved that Radcliffe – who’d already demonstrated his non-Potter bona fides on Broadway – won’t be boxed in by playing the world’s most famous wizard.

In the first of two exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from the movie, which arrives on home video tomorrow, Radcliffe discusses how and why he chose The Woman in Black as his first post-Potter role. The most impressive surprise? He apparently celebrated his final day on the set of Potter, concluding a decade of moviemaking history that represented practically half of his own life, by diving in to the script for his next film. “I read the [Woman in Black] script for the first time four hours after I had done my last shot on Potter, I think, and loved it immediately,” he says.

In the second video clip, Radcliffe discusses the challenge of playing a father and his own fear of scary movies. Watch below.

The Woman in Black grossed more than $126 million around the world. It arrives on home video tomorrow, May 22.

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