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Erin Strecker
May 22, 2012 AT 06:56 PM EDT

Well, Gleeks, the bittersweet moment has arrived. After over 300 songs, a handful of Finchel breakups and approximately 526,000 Sue Sylvester schemes, it’s graduation time for the McKinley High seniors.  Going into the finale, there are a lot of unanswered questions about Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and everyone else: It’s still unclear who is coming back next year and in what role. At Fox’s upfront presentation last week, it sounded like the details were still being hashed out.

Tuesday night marks the end of an era. Last week, New Directions finally won Nationals in Chicago and got a hero’s welcome upon their return home to Lima. Schu and Emma finally had sex, and Puck is getting a second chance at European geography — and graduation. The big question going into tonight’s episode “Goodbye” is NYADA results: We can assume Kurt is in based on Carmen’s (Whoopi Goldberg) love for his audition — but what about Rachel? After choking during her big song, she begged and pleaded for another chance — and it didn’t appear to be working. But after Carmen saw her showstopping performance at Nationals, could everyone’s favorite drama queen get a second chance? It’s likely.

We’re also waiting on news about Finn, who wants to follow his lady to NYC and attend the Actors Studio. No word on whether he’s doing that or falling back on pool cleaning with Puck in L.A. I bet we see an OC-style plot twist, where Finn won’t get into his dream school for the fall semester, but will join Rachel, and the Actors Studio, in the spring.

As for Kurt and Blaine, who knows what the future will hold for McKinley’s lovebirds. Kurt is graduating and presumably going to NYADA, and Blaine will be sticking around McKinley for another year — someone has to sing all the Glee Club solos. Expect tearful goodbyes all around. Speaking of tearful goodbyes, I’m confident whatever happens with Kurt and Burt will make me tear up.

And what would Glee be without a celebrity guest star? Gloria Estefan will be making an appearance tonight as Santana’s mother. Although we know they won’t be singing together, I’m sure it’ll be emotional, especially after Santana’s less-than-smooth experience coming out to her grandmother earlier this season.

Can you believe just three years ago this band of misfits was singing “Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat?” Look how far they’ve come. What do you want to see tonight? What songs are you hopeful they’ll perform?

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