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'Batman: Arkham City': Watch Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, and Stana Katic play the Joker, Batman, and Talia al Ghul -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Of the many, many great things about Batman: Arkham City, hearing Mark Hamill’s lethal shriek as the Joker opposite Kevin Conroy’s commanding baritone as Batman was a welcome nostalgia bomb for anyone who spent their afternoons in the 1990s glued to Batman: The Animated Series.

To commemorate the release of the “Game of the Year” edition on May 29 – which includes all the game’s downloadable content plus the new level Harley Quinn’s Revenge – EW has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Hamill and Conroy in action for a key scene from the game. And if it’s just too unnerving to watch Luke Skywalker deliver a sinister giggle, just wait for the far more pleasant segment featuring Castle’s Stana Katic performing as Batman paramour Talia al Ghul.

Check it out below: 

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