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May 23, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Revenge has packed more twists and turns into its first 22 episodes than the most winding Hamptons highway. But in the promotional build-up to tonight’s finale, “Reckoning,” ABC seemed to be setting the bar impossibly high with a series of ads touting it as “mind-blowing,”  “earth-shattering,” and “unbelievable” among their more sedate superlatives. Now it seems like they were underselling it. “Reckoning” featured the deaths of possibly three major castmembers, one wholly unexpected return, a breakup, a showdown with über-villain The White-Haired Man, and a revelation about Emily’s parentage. But not the revelation about Emily’s parentage you thought you saw coming.





Yes, Victoria Grayson, the ever-scheming, impeccably dressed, wickedly wonderful Hamptons matriarch played with delicious relish by Madeleine Stowe, boarded a plane. A plane that the White-Haired Man had just rigged with a bomb. That bomb, as bombs do, blew up.

Victoria is dead. Revenge just killed off its first-billed star. It sure appears like it, anyway, unless this is the fake-out of all time and Victoria really entered the Witness Protection Program or something. When Emily spared the White-Haired Man, the assassin who killed her father,  little did she realize what she had wrought. The message here? Never grant forgiveness when you can have…revenge.

Oh, and Lydia Davis was aboard as well. So she’s probably dead too. Emily’s mother is still alive. And Charlotte tried to commit suicide by taking pills. But until I see a death certificate I say the jury is out on that one.

And you thought your mind was blown when Faux-Manda returned to the Stowaway pregnant with Jack’s child?

Sound off in the comments below, nominate who you think should play Emily’s mother–other than Lena Olin–and be sure to stop back in a few hours for my full recap.

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