Lynette Rice and James Hibberd
May 23, 2012 AT 05:30 PM EDT

UPDATED: CBS trailers are now live!

Order! Order!’s Trailer Court is now in session, with the honorable James Hibberd and Lynette Rice judging broadcast’s new fall TV trailers. For some viewers, these trailers will be the biggest factor that decides if they watch a show next season. So here are our reviews, then we’ll turn the conversation over to you, the jury, in the comment section. Full bias disclosure to help you gauge our opinions: James is partial to serialized dramas, and isn’t easily impressed by sitcoms; Lynette likes classic multi-camera comedies and anything with former stars from The Shield.



James: I feel about Elementary how Lynette feels about Chicago Fire. It’s tough to fall in love when you’re already smitten with another show that has the same premise (in my case, BBC’s awesome Sherlock). Still, CBS’ new mentalist seems to have the right mix of genius and social bluntness, and Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson could be fun. Doesn’t take a detective to know CBS fans will eat this up, and I’ll check it out too.

Lynette: CBS may have finally found the perfect role for Jonny Lee Miller, who was woefully underutilized in the short-lived drama Eli Stone.


James: Recent broadcast dramas set in the 1960s have flopped (Pan Am, Swingtown, The Playboy Club). But if one was going to work, you can’t get much better odds than a crime show set in Vegas on CBS. Thankfully, the genre and setting are as close to CSI as this show seems to get. Love the cast. Dennis Quaid has weathered into reminding me of Harrison Ford. I’m all-in if the writers embrace a serialized format that captures a fraction of the era’s corrupt brutality as depicted in writer Nicholas Pileggi’s Casino

Lynette: Superb use of Quaid and Michael Chiklis (who may end up upstaging the former, even if he flashes that ageless six pack of his).

Made In Jersey

James: Pushy Jersey girl proves she’s smart to uptight big city lawyers. I sort of dislike this, and you can probably delete the “sort of.” Elementary and Made In Jersey are both obvious ideas, but Elementary feels classic while this feels like lame Jersey-TV trend jumping.

Lynette: CBS is particularly excited that they’ve found the next great star in Janet Montgomery (who’s a Brit doing a Jersey accent). I just hope we hear a lot more of that gum-chomping dialect when she’s giving her cross in court.


James: CBS has TV’s most popular sitcoms. And this looks like a CBS sitcom — for all that’s typically good about that (friendly characters, accessible jokes, slightly risque content) and bad (lowbrow humor, obvious stories, ever-present studio audience laughter).

Lynette: This is probably my least favorite new comedy — not because the conceit feels stale, but the characters seem ridiculously unrealistic. The Numb3rs dude hooks up with the knockout from One Tree Hill?

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