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Wiz Khalifa catches happy hour in new 'Work Hard Play Hard' video: Watch it here


So a construction worker, a ballerina, and a rapper walk into a bar…

No, it’s not a joke from Music Mix’s (amazing) stand-up set — it’s Wiz Khalifa’s new video for his O.N.I.F.C. single “Work Hard Play Hard,” which the proud Pittsburgher set in his hometown. The video plays off of Steel City’s working-class reputation, splicing clips of citizens – construction workers, ballerinas, athletes – clocking in for the day. It rings true to the song’s inspirational-poster lyrics: “Go hard/Make sure you do whatever it is that you gotta do/That’s your job.”

Meanwhile, Wiz himself is also hard at work, delivering his three-verse rap from derelict Rust Belt milieus and giving the clip a decidedly more hard-hatted vibe than his other Pittsburgh opus, the celebratory “Black and Yellow.”

But that’s not to say it’s all heavy lifting and pirouetting. As the song’s title promises, things end on an upbeat note, with Wiz and the rest of the video’s gainfully employed convening at the same bar to let off steam – a.k.a., shots!

Loosen up that tie and give Wiz’s new video a spin below:


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