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Breia Brissey
May 29, 2012 AT 07:19 PM EDT

After a tumultuous year in TV scheduling limbo, Cougar Town finally concludes its third season tonight on ABC. The episode will also mark the cul-de-sac crew’s last appearance on the network, as Jules & Co. will be packing their bags and moving to TBS next year, sans showrunners Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel.

In the special hour-long finale “My Life/Your World,” Jules and Grayson (spoiler alert!) finally tie the knot. So grab your own Big Joe Carl Lou, and prepare for a night of pounding grape with a few notes about the season 3 ender:

A pop-culture homage to Groundhog Day

Cougar Town is known for its fun TV and movie tributes (see: Braveheart). In tonight’s episode, they take on Bill Murray’s cult-classic Groundhog Day. Grayson complains that he’s reliving the same problems over and over again, and that his life is just like Groundhog Day. Unsurprisingly, Jules doesn’t get the reference, and asks Ellie and Laurie to explain the movie to her over a Groundhog Day-themed bachelorette party. (And that’s something Ellie doesn’t want to ever relive.)

Travis and Laurie: Will they or won’t they?

They might. I won’t spoil everything! The polarizing Travis/Laurie relationship gets even more flirtatious in tonight’s episode. Travis celebrates his 21st birthday, and he and Laurie decided to be each other’s dates to Jules’ wedding since her Twitter boyfriend, Wade, can’t make the nuptials.

Special guest stars

Courteney Cox’s ex, David Arquette, guests as Daniel, a hotel concierge who has the hots for Ellie. As you can imagine, Andy is none too pleased with their flirtation. Also, Cougar Town champion and former EW colleague Michael Ausiello makes a cameo as a bartender at the aforementioned hotel.

So, PopWatchers, are you excited to finally see a Jules and Grayson wedding? Will you follow the show to TBS for its fourth season? And place your bets now on the Travis/Laurie outcome for the evening.

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