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Breia Brissey
May 29, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The third season of Cougar Town has come full circle. Spoiler Alert: Stop reading if you haven’t seen the finale yet.

We started out with a tear-inducing proposal and finished off with a tear-inducing marriage. It wasn’t an easy road, but Jules and Grayson are finally Mr. and Mrs. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The special two-part “My Life/Your World” began with a frustrated Grayson. He forgot that by marrying Jules he was marrying the rest of the cul-de-sac crew. And that meant he’d never get any privacy over at Casa de Jules. Grayson decided his life was just like Groundhog Day since he was reliving the same problems over and over again.

This led to Jules admitting that she didn’t understand the movie (“Are they robots?”), so she convinced Ellie and Laurie to explain the film to her while she wore a tiara for her bachelorette party. Still frustrated by his complete lack of privacy, Grayson unpinned the big maid-of-honor grenade Ellie had been holding on to. (Remember, Jules only asked Laurie to be her co-MOH out of guilt.) This resulted in more Groundhog Day love as Jules got the Groundhog Day treatment to resolve her issues with Laurie.

Meanwhile, I was deeply concerned that penny can might meet its demise just like Big Joe and Big Carl (may they rest in peace). Andy and Bobby had created a bunch of new rules for the game, essentially trying to cover up the fact that penny can isn’t fun anymore: “Penny can is dead. Why couldn’t it have been something that no one cares about? Like hockey or the Golden Globes?” Travis even suggested nickel can to try to spice things up. The stakes have never been higher! But eventually, Travis helped Bobby and Andy see that penny can wasn’t really dead. “It’s about family. It’s about tradition. It might even be about America.” Penny can is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Thank goodness.

Part one ended with Grayson asking Jules to elope with him to Napa. Looks like those two are going to get their wine wedding after all! And now for the bestof part 1:

++ “Speaking of wedding stuff, I cut down our guest list to 80 people, give or take 61.” –Jules

++ Grayson’s pridegrinn T-shirt: Josh Hopkins inserting some of his own life into the show.

++ “No title card joke this week — sorry.”

++ “It looks like a stable — all the snacks come in these little feed bags, and for a couple extra bucks you can ride the guys around like horses, and they will nibble sugar cubes off of your bouncies.” –Laurie, trying to convince Jules and Ellie to go to the Stud Farm for Jules’ bachelorette party

++ Stan playing penny can.

++ I understand why women stay with murderers now. Because…I would.” –Jules, turned on by Grayson’s violent outburst

++ “Dear God, your dress is so short I can see your IUD.” –Ellie to Laurie

++ “Let’s even forget that it’s clearly the same groundhog that Bill Murray used in Caddyshack.” –Jules

++ “Dogs bark. Fish swim. I bitch grin.” –Ellie

++ “Let’s face it. Penny can is just a boring game about getting a tiny round thing into a hole. Over and over and over. That’s just not something a man can do every weekend for the rest of his life.” -Bobby, while playing golf

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