Hillary Busis
June 01, 2012 AT 08:34 PM EDT

Instagram/Britney Spears

Ah, Paris — city of lights! City of love! City of swooning Beliebers, hundreds of whom are still recovering after an impromptu balcony performance by their dreamy messiah!

Not even a mild concussion could slow down Justin Bieber, who recently jetted to France to promote his upcoming album Believe. Earlier today, he told fans to meet him at Universal Music’s office in Paris’ Latin Quarter — and the girls turned out in droves, transforming a quiet street into a hormone-clogged concert venue. They squealed with glee as the Biebs crooned “Baby” and “One Time” through a megaphone, growing louder every time he touched his famous hair. Check out the clip below to see what happens when Justin combines his new song “Boyfriend,” with a cheeky pelvic thrust. (Hint: It involves more screaming.)

The only thing this video is missing is a sneaky cameo from Stalker Sarah — and, perhaps, a blanket-swaddled infant for Bieber to dangle over the railing.

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