Jeff Labrecque
June 04, 2012 AT 12:15 PM EDT

In NBC’s latest “Ask Tina” webisode, Tina Fey and “American treasure Richard Dean” — 30 Rock‘s makeup artist who showed up this past season as the creepy neighbor who always wakes Liz with a kiss — discussed the star’s plans for the summer. It’s not working on a chain gang or becoming best friends with Ina Garten in the Hamptons, but she claims her summer job is her “second calling.” Watch below, and remember to thank her the next time you swallow too much water at Dorney Park.

Note that the two series finales she listed as personal favorites — St. Elsewhere and Newhart — both ended with the revelation that the entire show took place inside a character’s head. Is that where 30 Rock is heading? Will we ultimately zoom out to find a teenage Liz Lemon waking up with her night-time mouthbrace on, dreaming about her future on a TV show and making out with fellows who resemble Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, James Marsden, Michael Sheen, Jason Sudeikis, and Dean Winters? Or perhaps 30 Rock is the product of Kenneth’s wild imagination?

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