Ron Phillips
Jeff Labrecque
June 05, 2012 AT 05:22 PM EDT

The wait is almost over, Batman fans. Well, not really. The Dark Knight Rises is still 45 days away, but if you want a seat on opening night, you better be prepared to rise up and order your tickets this Monday. Warner Bros. has announced that tickets for the much-anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s superhero epic will go on sale on the internet at noon on June 11.

According to AMC Theaters, which is planning a Dark Knight marathon on the eve of the film’s release, The Dark Knight Rises has a running time of two hours and 45 minutes. That’s 13 minutes longer than its predecessor and even three minutes longer than Avatar. Don’t expect too many complaints from the franchise’s fanbase, though, especially those ordering tickets 39 days in advance. To them, Nolan couldn’t make this film long enough.

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