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Emily Rome
June 06, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Will fans of dragons and vampires without a pay cable subscription get access to Game of Thrones and True Blood anytime soon? Don’t count on it, says HBO.

With a name that has unsurprisingly drawn attention in little time, the website TakemymoneyHBO.com, which launched Tuesday night, is campaigning for a standalone streaming service for HBO’s shows.

The site’s creator, Jake Caputo, addresses the cable network with the collective “we” of all HBO fans, admitting to borrowing friends’ login passwords to HBO’s subscriber-only Internet streaming service HBO GO, and to pirating the shows. Visitors to the site can type in a dollar amount that they would be willing to pay monthly for a standalone streaming service, and the site automatically sends a tweet listing that number to HBO GO’s Twitter account.

HBO responded via Twitter today: “Love the love for HBO. Keep it up. For now, @RyanLawler @TechCrunch has it right.”

That TechCrunch piece the cable network refers to came to the conclusion that providing HBO content online to viewers who don’t subscribe to the HBO channel would be “disastrous.” Lawler writes, “There’s no way that HBO could make up in online volume the number of subscribers it would lose from cable.”

HBO GO, which launched in February 2010, currently provides content only to those who subscribe to the channel.

When reached by EW, HBO declined further comment.

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