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June 06, 2012 AT 03:48 PM EDT

As we look ahead to the Tony Awards on Sunday, June 10, EW is taking a closer look at this season’s top new musicals, plays, and revivals, all of which will be competing for Broadway’s highest honor! Today, we dive into this year’s nominees for Best Revival of a Musical:

Craig Schwartz


Opened: April 5, 2012

Starring: Elena Roger, Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Tim Rice; choreographed by Rob Ashford; directed by Michael Grandage

Synopsis: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s late-’70s style-crunching tuner chronicles the life of Argentine first lady Eva Perón (Roger), from her early life as a wannabe actress sleeping her way up the social ladder in Buenos Aires to her meteoric rise to political power as the charismatic wife of President Juan Perón (Cerveris).

EW’s Review: “There are three questions facing any woman in the title role of the 1979 Andrew Lloyd Webber–Tim Rice musical Evita: How is her ”Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”? How is her arm raise (a.k.a. the signature Evita pose)? And how does she handle that vocal-cord-killing score? For Argentine actress Elena Roger in the adequate new Broadway revival, the answers are: Passable. Effective. And badly. Not every Evita needs to produce aural pyrotechnics like original Broadway star Patti LuPone. She does, however, need to hit every note with laserlike precision, and Roger misses too many. C+ ” (Melissa Rose Bernardo)

Musical math: (Carmen x Jesus Christ Superstar) + Funny Girl

Download this: “Buenos Aires”

Tony nominations:  3 — Best Revival of a Musical; Best Featured Actor in a Musical (Michael Cerveris); Best Choreography (Rob Ashford)

Odds on winning: Overshadowed in its other categories, Evita‘s best shot lies with previous Tony winner Michael Cerveris (Assassins), whose Perón is the strongest performance in the revival.

Choreographer Rob Ashford on who he’s looking forward to meeting at the Tonys: “I don’t know Bernadette Peters at all. I have only met her very casually in passing, and I am a huge fan of hers. I love Hugh Jackman. I had the pleasure of working with and choreographing Hugh Jackman, so it’ll be great to see Hugh as well, and there’s so many. I have to say, I admire the young people that are just beginning. Jeremy Jordan is great. He has all that talent, all that possibility, all of that — and he’s just starting! What would that be like in 10 years? What would that be like in 20 years?”

Michael Cerveris on what he learns during each Tony Awards process: “It’s always for something different, it’s always for different kind of work. The major thing is that after you’ve been through it once and lost, which happened to me the first time out, it’s actually kind of a blessing — not that I wish it on anyone else! But you go through the whole process and have the thing that you want to have happen the least happen — and then people still love you, you still work, and the pressure is kind of off. Winning is also nice, and once that’s happened, I was like, ‘Okay, great, now I don’t have to worry about it.’ But each time I go through it, I’m even better able to just enjoy it as a celebration and not enter into it as a competition. It’s not like baseball. You can’t out-act the other team, you don’t score more, there’s no audience applause meter. So all you do is do your job and at the end, some people pick one person and some people pick another person, and that’s fine. Someone said something great: ‘You can’t lose something you never had.’ So I just enjoy it as an opportunity to get to know people that I haven’t met before, other actors that I haven’t met before, or reconnect with people that I have worked with or admired.”

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