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Jeff Probst is obsessed with name tags in new teaser for 'The Jeff Probst Show' -- EXCLUSIVE

Maybe after years of having to memorize strangers’ names (and bizarre nicknames) out on the island, Survivor host Jeff Probst has decided that life would be easier if everyone wore name tags. And he’s ready to start the ball rolling right now! In this exclusive teaser for his new daytime talk show, The Jeff Probst Show (which launches Sept. 10), Probst shows off 16 nifty name tags, each of which describes an aspect of his personality. But then – through the power of either computer technology or voodoo magic — those 16 name tags morph into one BIG name tag. And this name tag has a moving picture of Jeff Probst and talks! (Like I said, voodoo magic could be at play here.) Click on the video below to see for yourself…if you dare.