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Fiona Apple hangs with snails, octopi in 'Every Single Night' video: Watch it here

If the video for Fiona Apple’s first single in seven years could be described in a word, that word would be “imagery.”

Yes, yes – in general, music videos feature a fair amount of imagery. But few are as whimsical and, well, imagery-y as the clip for “Every Single Night,” the first single from Apple’s forthcoming fourth album The Idler Wheel…

The magical little clip, directed by Joseph Cahill, features She of the Sculpty Cheekbones, wandering around at night and horsing around with various creatures – snails, alligators, a cartoonishly giant octocpus attacking the Eiffel Tower, an underclothes-clad minotaur.

If it sounds weird, that’s because it is. Yet it’s also delightful. Watch below:

[brightcove vid=1678684875001&exp3=712131352001&surl=,AAAAAGLt-No~,6...

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Originally posted June 11 2012 — 11:15 AM EDT

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