Keith Staskiewicz
June 15, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The News Napster cofounders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning announced the launch of Airtime, a video social-networking site that matches people based on their interests. Sounds like a rom-com to us — say, Serendipity 2012.

The Pitch Veteran screenwriter Will Gluck (Easy A, Friends With Benefits) offered up this treatment: ”A girl meets a guy on Airtime and they fall in love,” he says, envisioning Cameron Diaz and Channing Tatum. ”She’s beautiful, he’s good-looking, and they couldn’t be happier. But there’s a twist: At the same time, she’s been building a time machine — and not just any time machine, but a sex-change time machine. So it turns out that she’s gone back in time and fallen in love with herself! They live happily ever after.”

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