Feedback: June 22, 2012 |


Feedback: June 22, 2012

Your excitement about Gillian Flynn's ''Gone Girl,'' disappointment that Hugh Howey has gone mainstream, and more

From Summer to Spidey
I don’t understand fan worries about the choice of director for The Amazing Spider-Man. In selecting (500) Days of Summer’s Marc Webb, the studio enlisted a talented storyteller with a genuine affinity for comic books! And with a last name like Webb, he’s a natural pick to weave the next Spidey tale.
Brian Deever

Columbus, Ohio

Goodbye to a Gibb Brother
Thank you for your sidebar on Robin Gibb (Monitor). Other than perhaps Roy Orbison, no one had a voice quite like Robin’s. As a Bee Gees fan since 1973, I was profoundly saddened by his passing, as their music was a major influence on my youth and beyond. Like his brothers Andy and Maurice, he will be greatly missed.
Craig Pearman

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Thrill Seeker
I am so delighted that Gillian Flynn has a new novel (Books). I’ve preordered Gone Girl already and can’t wait to read it. Her first book, Sharp Objects, is among my all-time favorites and one of the few novels that I reread from time to time. I am also excited for the movie based on her 2009 thriller Dark Places, although screen adaptations of books make me nervous.
Leslie Gerkens

Buena Park, Calif.

A Secret No More
Your article on indie writer Hugh Howey brought out my inner hipster (Books). I’ve felt very protective of him ever since I randomly came across Wool in the Kindle store a couple of months ago and then devoured it and everything else he’s written. So when I saw this in my EW, a voice from inside screamed, ”But I knew him before everybody else” and ”Mainstream audiences aren’t going to get it.” I hope I’m wrong on the latter!
Lara Sundberg

Ocala, Fla.